Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Art Fairs and the Economy of Originality...From One Artist's Point of View

Dona Reed, Printmaker & Gourd Artist at the 49th Annual Anacortes Arts Festival.
Sunday, with the sunny beautiful weather, I hopped on a ferry and went to the Anacortes Arts Festival.
I wanted to show support for a couple of  friends who exhibit at this Arts Festival. Tom Rierden, created the official poster.

As the weather on Saturday had been cold and miserable, artist did not sell alot of work in the rain.
All miserable and wet, who wants to shop?

I wanted to visit the Anacortes's Art at the Port Show Fine Art Show . This is a juried exhibition that attracts artists from all over the region. Many media are represented from painting to textile and wood, steel to the ceramic arts. My hats of to a well conceived show in a large open warehouse space. I wish we had a large public open space like this here in Friday Harbor!

After the show, I walked up and down the street, looking for something wonderful. Something artful,I found the people that import these beautiful tables clothes from France.
I thought this was a bit odd as  I felt the show was all about original artwork and designs.

I mentioned this to my friend, Dona Reed [ pictured above] and this is the reply I got from her.

Hey Ruth,
Thanks for coming to the Anacortes Art Festival....

I have been thinking about your blog about artists and art fairs. If 
you really want to make a point...tell people about you falling into
the trap of coming to an ART fair (or what is supposed to be "hand
crafted" work) and buying something that is IMPORTED.  Jurors for the
fairs are supposed to be screening such work. We artists cannot
compete with manufactured work and the prices that come with it.  the
"Walmartization" of America has distorted peoples concept of pricing.
Why buy a hand screened T shirt (with original designs) for $25 when
you can get one at Walmart for $3. quality and originality means

Artists have to watch for people taking photos for fear their designs
will be copied and show up at Target or Walmart.  It has

 The quality of the Anacortes Art Fair has suffered because REAL
artists don't apply anymore. It is known for a low end..street
fair.....fine art need not apply.

Just some food for thought.....Dona

I thought I would share another perspective with you.
This is food for thought.

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