Sunday, March 22, 2009

The arts & business

Was just about ready to go to bed, when I started reading an online arts paper that I like, and here I am a long time later [you know how these things just kinda happen] . I found an interestting ideas about arts and business to read.
So here it is from an The bulletin .
It is a conversation starter!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 15

For spring being a week away today's snowfall was odd, especially since the snow looked like that foam used to spray on fires. Wide and inconsistent shapes, lopsided and fluffy looking falling out of the sky and doing a left tilting spiraling fall to the ground.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon in Ballard, watching the pouring rain from the inside of my driving car. The wipers could not keep up with the pouring rain. Parked on a side street and waited till the rain calmed down. No longer in buckets, but now in tablespoons.

Walked around the corner to the closest Wifi coffee house and ordered my beverage of choice. A double Americano with room.

About to sit down at a cozy wall table with an outlet, and a forlorn parent with a stroller and 2 ensconced kids and I spotted the same table. I say, Go ahead it is yours. I settle in with a large table of young college student doing their works. All are plugged in and keyboarding.

I boot up. Old tech, take a while. The image of my 2 favorite dog friends just stare back at me without any icons. Drink coffee, late in the afternoon, okay so it's a partial, decaf.

Surveying the room, glance at the windowed storefront, it's pouring buckets again outside. The level of chatter was a slow murmur. The rain was louder !
People engaged , face to face, not thru their technology.
Drinking coffee, munching snacks and drinking each other in.

Live signal, check email. Check out the building with the open studios I am here to visit.
Building C,. A good mix of mostly 2 dimensional art , with a couple of 3 d artists. SOme abstract, some narrative, some still life. For me interacting with art is always a good experience. SOme pieces produce a recognizable feeling of joy, dislike or even neutrality. Some studios offer up a bit of food and wine, especially the box of wine.

Saturday's weather caused a damper of the builging as it is an old subdivided wooden building that is cold and drafty in this weather. Even with a large weather curtain at the opening entrance, the winds whips thru the building. As I wonder the space with my lime green guide, there are pockets of warmth and color. A glass of wine seems to help with the freezing weather and loosening up the conversations with artists and the occasional wandering passerby.

Most of the artists I encounter are either middle aged woman or fairly young men . Only one middle aged man artist. His name is Michael Dickter. I currently represent his work, having done so for 5 years.

In this time his works have evolved from the hard edged linear forms to a soft sensual rhythmical composition. It was great to hang out and chat. See the new works and talk about art and life.

I would offer this observation, We start with what we know and travel uncharted ways to find what we do not know. The challenge of the paint opens up new possibilities in the work.

Always learning. Refreshing, renewing.

Sunday, ferry riding back to friday harbor 2.10

Monday, March 9, 2009

Just returned from a 3050 mile road trip that took me from San Juan Island to Palm Springs,CA. Wonderful time driving 1-5, me and the hundreds of other motorists. I caught up on my listening to This American Life, Bill Mahr, Science Friday and a few other shows that I don't seem to be current on. The weather got warmer and sunnier the further south I drove, Mount Shasta was not enveloped in a white blanket. Took a leisurely drive of only 500 miles a day. Stopped and visited friends on the way. The final destination was the Rivera Resort for a TED conference. Four days of mind boggling brain food and brain candy. So much excitement, intensity, brain power and positive insanity in one space. It was an amazing experience.
[check out]

While in Palm Springs, I went to see the galleries in Palm Dessert.That city hosts an annual sculpture walk that is funded tax dollars. It was great to be walking down this wide boulevard that had a median strip composed of grass with large sculptures prominently placed.

The city of Palm Desert has the El Paseo Art Galleries that sponsor an Artwalk the first Thursday , October thru May, in the evening from 5 - 9 Pm. They cooperatively publish a brochure that promotes this activity.

After seeing the diversity of art genres represented in this tourist city, I returned to Friday Harbor with a renewed spirit . Perhaps in the future , the galleries located in Friday Harbor can create an Artwalk for the months of June - September. More road stories....