Monday, January 25, 2010

Wheh !

Almost the end of the month.

Am on a bit of a sabbatical. Living in the city, Seattle. Taking photo and photo shop classes.

Very interested in seeing photograph work.

Saw a wonderful show at the

Polaroids: Mapplethorpe

Henry Gallery at the Univ of Washington.

A collection of Polaroid photographs from the early days in NYC. A precursor to who we know as Robert Mapplethorpe. The show is up till January 30th.

another show to see:

Eirik Johnson: Sawdust Mountain

both very informative and very different from each other. This up till January 31st.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Find your muse

Last weekend, I went to Mount Vernon to the beautifully restored Lincoln Theater to see the Metropolitan Opera's rebroadcast in HD TV of Jacques Offenbach, The Tales of Hoffman.

Complex opera with the main character the writer Hoffman telling the tales of the three unhappy loves in his life, from his perspective while in the company of his muse, impersonating his best friend.

Yes, a complex and complicated storyline with different loves and villains.

Battling for Hoffman's creative soul, the muse tries to protect Hoffman from himself and the woman around him.

In driving Hoffman away from love, the muse propels him onto greater artistic achievements.

What consequences does the muse invoke for her writer, or even herself when she envelopes his life with protections from that lived life ?

After the opera, driving back to the ferry, I thought about the word muse.

Such a small word with great meaning and reverence.

Where and what was it's root?

What kind of classical mythology was involved?

  1. Greek Mythology Any of the nine daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus, each of whom presided over a different art or science.

  2. muse

    1. A guiding spirit.

    2. A source of inspiration.

  3. muse A poet.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin Mūsa, from Greek Mousa; see men-1 in Indo-European roots.]
(myōōz) verb. mused, mus·ing, mus·es v. intr. To be absorbed in one's thoughts; engage in meditation. v. tr. To consider or say thoughtfully: mused that it might take longer to drive than walk. n. A state of meditation.

My wish for the New Year is to find your muse.
To thinking thoughtfully, musing over and doing no harm.