Thursday, August 27, 2009

Artist Collectors Appreciation Dinner

Last Saturday, I drove over to the studio of David Eisenhour located in Port Hadlock on the Olympic Peninsula. Leaving Friday Harbor on the 10.25 sailing, two ferry rides later I arrived on the other side via the Kingston run.

Driving the small highways and the crossing on the new and improved Hood Canal Bridge, the town of Port Hadlock was discernible by the 4 way intersection complete with gas stations and fruit stands.

The last fruits of summer were evident by the boxes upon boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Almost there. I visited David's studio three years previous, things were starting to look familiar.

Two old dogs lay in the middle of the street. Drove slowly between the dogs, down the street, they did not bother to get up or bark.
They were tired, and besides, my car still smells dog.

On the right I notice this remarkable tall sculpture standing next to David's newly improved studio.
The new work, Unfolding Milkweed is worked cast steel with 15 ft tall 1/2 inch rods coming out of the top. Over a period of time, David will drive a wooden wedge into the rods to get them to spread out and unfurl.
The work was awesome.

So began the 1st Annual Collector Appreciation Dinner at the his studio. David and his wonderful wife Heidi, fabulous cooks that they are, planned a bountiful dinner with marinated lamb, white salmon, fresh vegetables, potatoes, carefully chosen cheese, and a delightful selection of wines. The kitchen crew was a labor of love. It showed.
I was curious. My impressions are of a solid base of friends and collectors helping to nurture an artist and his vision. I have represented David's work for 10 years. I believe in his portrayal and presentation of his world. His commitment to, as he says "make the invisible world of nature, visible".

Wondering thru the studio there are a few new works, the nautilus fountain, the orchid, and old favorites dock seed, the daisy seeds, the star pod. Out in the field next to the house there stands the magnificent Ibex.

David & Heidi, thank you for sharing.

PS the midnight boccie ball game rocked!

more photos are posted