Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall - It's here

Just returned from driving to Lake Chelan to deliver and install a painting.

For the client it saved shipping and for me it was an excuse for a fall drive.

My favorite drive in Washington State is Route 20. Once in the mountains, the islands left behind, the world seems so vast. SO beautiful and we travel thru it so fast.

Driving on this road is very Zen. The sky reflected in the lake water. The turquoise color glows, almost surreal. The way the asphalt curves flow, how the mountains seem to reach the sky. The forest is turning colors. A bit of yellow, not much red. Most leaves were still on the trees. Lots of shades of green but mostly that deep foresty green.

The house sits upon a hill overlooking the vast lower dog leg of Lake Chelan. It was finished a few years ago. The owners, a lovely couple with grown children, have taken up collecting art. Like many collectors, I have the pleasure of working with, they are eclectic and diverse in their tastes, but their paintings are about capturing the beauty of the land.

The painting, a fabulous large landscape by Tim Schumm was purchased for the living room, as the focal point over the fire place. Upon hanging the painting changed the room, bringing inside the natural exterior colors. This allowed me to rehang a major portion of their collection. With the introduction of a new piece of art, others paintings and objects needed to be moved around. This experience can be somewhat challenging, yet rather rewarding as a new perspective is achieved.

This brings me to the topic of rotating your artwork. I do this in my own home twice a year.

Here's the concept.

In the spring, you start to go outside more.The outdoor world is just starting to get all that color. I hang most of my black & white images and less colorful works on my prime walls.

In the fall, the indoor season with lots of shades of grey begins. Now is the time to hang the more colorful paintings.The more demanding works, as one will be spending lots of time indoors.

So I would suggest when we remember to change the batteries in our smoke detectors , we should also remember to rotate and rearrange the art in our homes.

So to the changing of the seasons and artwork!