Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A must see show: Picasso at SAM

This show culled from  Picasso's personal collection of his artworks. As the press release from the SAM states "The works in this exhibition come from Picasso’s personal collection—works of art the highly self-aware artist kept for himself with the intent of shaping his own artistic legacy. Drawn from the collection of the Musée National Picasso in Paris—the largest and most important repository of the artist’s work in the world—the exhibition will feature work representing every major period from the artist’s prolific output over eight decades."

Crowds were evident as we stood in line for the Picasso Show: Masterpieces from the Musee National Picasso, Paris. We were ticketed for 3.40. People stood around listening to the Picasso introduction on the complimentary audio tour. Strange sight. Every where you looked, people stood with the audio device pressed to their ears. Listening, waiting for their turn.

The long narrow galleries are are staged with some beautiful works from all the major Picasso periods.
One of my personal favorites is Two Women Running on the Beach [ The Race].
I was so surprised to see how small this painting is . 13 x 16

This show is a great chance to see these treasure while the Musse is under renovations in Paris.
The show runs till January 17, 2011. There are special member only days. A membership is a bargain at $ 65
and includes admission to the museum and this special Picasso show.  Seattle Art Museum
Go and see this show!